Liquid Filtration

Liquid Filter Media manufactured by BinNova Microfiltration GmbH in our plant in Rudolstadt/Thuringia are made for hydraulic and large transmission filter systems as well as for lube oil and fuel filtration applications.
• Highest quality liquid filter media
• Manufactured in Germany
• For hydraulic and large transmission filter systems
• For lube oil and fuel filtration applications
BinNova’s high-performance liquid filter media are the result of industry leading manufacturing technology and materials. Their diverse range of media grades ranging from 3 to 50 μm enables them to meet the needs of any application. As a market leader, they take pride in their ability to develop custom-designed filter media that are tailored to meet the exact specifications of their clients. BinNova’s dual-phase liquid filter media enables high filtration efficiency and extended life, making them some of the best on the market today.
BinNova Liquid Filtration - Dual Phase Media
As the market leader, BinNova’s high-performance Dual Phase Liquid Filter Media have been designed to achieve superior filtration results. The filter media features a protection layer on the one side provided by pure synthetic fibers, while the main-filter also consists of air permeable synthetic fibers specifically chosen to hold dust particles. This advanced media can be easily pleated or processed thanks to its support layer, and thermal bonding ensures durability and high quality throughout. Furthermore, BinNova focus on media characterisation in order to provide their customers with customised products that guarantee optimum filter performance for their specific need.

Example of BinNova Dual Phase Liquid Filter Media with synthetic pre-filter as protection layer followed by glass or synthetic-glass mixture as main-filter for best filter performance:

Air Filtration