Shannon's continued success is built on quality
We are reliable and honest in all circumstances

Welcome To Shannon

Shannon is a well established technical product development company and UK Agent for a small number of niche global manufacturers. We specialise in developing, marketing, and selling products for heat protection, high-temperature thermal insulation, ventilation, noise reduction and vacuum lifting applications. Our products are used in a variety of sectors including off-highway machinery, automotive & commercial vehicle industries, motor homes and caravans and also factory automation. Shannon has been operating for more than 50 years and we are rightly known as market leaders in some of the industries we serve.

Quality, reliability and honesty

Quality, reliability and honesty are the pillars of Shannon’s business and continued success. ISO 9001 certification was achieved by us in 2005 and verified this pursuit for quality assurance. Not only de we strive to maintain high standards, Shannon also takes the time to acquire knowledge beyond what we already know. Working as partners with both customers and suppliers alike our aim is to keep improving on our developments and product offering.


Our experience and expertise has been built over many years and our low staff turnover rate continues to ensure that our customers benefit from this increasingly valuable resource. We aim to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers and our dedicated team of highly knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer customised solutions as well as off the shelf products.


Heat shields and thermal insulation

Shannon supplies a wide range of high-quality off-the-shelf OEM products and also makes bespoke developments for engine heat shielding and component heat protection, thermal insulation of turbo charger and exhaust lines as well as exhaust gas after-treatment systems.

Ducting for noise-reduction, hot/cold air transfer and exhaust gas extraction - Shannon ducts cater for air intake systems where noise reduction is a priority as well as for hot and cold air movement and exhaust gas extraction.

Products for Power Generation

Thermal insulation

Shannon custom-made thermal insulation pads are ideal for the protection of personnel and equipment from the effects of high-temperature emitted from gas turbines, exhaust outlets, valves, pipework, batteries and fuel cells.

Filtration & droplet separation

Innovative filter materials made from glass and synthetic fibres for liquid filtration, air filtration , coalescing media and customer designed applications.

Products for Vacuum Lifting Systems

Shannon is the UK's number 1 supplier of vacuum lifting tubes for the materials handling industry.

Our tubes are renowned for their high-quality and longevity, commonly used in vac-lift systems where a single operator can lift in excess of 500kg.

Most common sizes of vacuum lifting tube and associated vacuum air-transfer hose are kept on-stock for fast delivery.