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Evaluate the efficiency of the separation
processes, pressure loss and lifespan

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Engineering Know-how

For decades RHODIUS has been developing new products in the field of separation technology. In our own laboratory and by means of various testing devices we are able to gain and as a further step evaluate the efficiency of the separation processes, pressure loss and lifespan.

In addition, our mobile testing equipment offers our customers the opportunity to find specific solutions for the definition of the separation efficiency on their own premises. The prototype development of RHODIUS separation systems offers the possibility to create cost-effective and versatile prototyping according to our customers specification.
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Software 'Separate'
Regarding our gas/liquid separation technology, our software “Separate 2.1” is a very efficient means to develop tailor-made separators which exactly meet the requirements as defined by our customers process.

RHODIUS uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate the performance of their separator products.
This CFD-model gives a more detailed picture and greater understanding of the separation process, it helps to limit the need for time-consuming operational trials. Costs for research and development can be significantly reduced.

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