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Reinforced silicone and neoprene ducts
offering lightweight and high strength
whilst still being highly flexible

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Silicone and Neoprene Flexible Hoses and Bellows

Our range of silicone and neoprene ducts are ideal for intake and transfer of air where extremes of temperature is an issue, they offer a lightweight and high strength whilst still being highly flexible. Reinforced silicone bellows can be manufactured to customer specification in low volumes.
Silicone and Neoprene Flexible Ducting
Flexible Hoses
• Air transfer duct operating in extremes of temperature -70°C > +250°C
• A range of diameters available from ID 25 to 305mm, lengths up to 4000mmn

• Air intake ducts for low/medium volume vehicle manufacturers
• Brake cooling ducts & air transfer hoses on performance cars
• Silicone bellows for flexible connections in automotive, commercial, locomotive,
diesel & gas engines

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