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Unique flexibility and workability,
B-Flex can be readily shaped into very
complex three-dimensional configurations

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Bulkhead thermal and acoustic insulation

Bulk Head Acoustic Insulation
B-Flex is an innovative thermal and acoustic insulator, combining an aluminium foil with a glass felt by means of a special non-flammable adhesive.

The aluminium foil is mechanically embossed to give superior aesthetic and functional properties to the insulation system. Thanks to its unique flexibility and workability, it can be readily shaped even into very complex three-dimensional configurations.
Bulk head Thermal Insulation
• Maximum operating temperature 550°C
• Available in sheet form or in cut sections to customer requirements

Thermal and acoustic insulation of :
• Engine compartments, electricity generation plants, compressors and boilers, rooms, chambers, compartments in trains and thermal insulation of pipelines

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