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Low weight, flexibility and insulation
for air transfer applications

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Flexible Aluminium Ducting

Using a range of materials in differing combinations we can provide a solution that will provide the desired combination of low weight, flexibility and insulation for your air transfer application
The ducts can be used in a wide variety of automotive applications where a requirement exists to direct warm or cold air from one area to another.
Flexible Aluminium Ducting
Aluminium Ducting
• Available in a range of diameters from ID 20mm – 100mm
• Available in cut pieces or coils up to 20m long
• Bend radius approx. 2 x I.D of hose
• For temperatures up to 150°C

• Specialist ducts for noise reduction in air-conditioning systems.
• Component cooling in the engine bay.
• Air transfer and exhaust ducting for car and commercial & leisure vehicle auxiliary heaters.
• Fresh air supply to passenger compartments in cars, commercial & off-highway vehicles.
• Air conditioning ducts in automotive, off-highway and specialist vehicle.
• Brake cooling and driver cooling in motorsport applications.

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